Pricing and Fees

Cemetery Pricing and Fees* (6-16)

The total cost of purchasing Burial Rights Lot(s) will include the price of the Lot(s) and Perpetual Care, and four (4) Corner Markers per Lot



Burial Rights Lot and Perpetual Care     $2,500 ($1,250 will be for Perpetual Care)

Four (4) Corner Markers Installed Per Lot (Gray Granite)     $300

Opening/Closing Fee—May thru October     $900

Opening/Closing Fee—November thru April     $1,500

Opening/Closing Fee—Cremation     $200

Burial Rights: An individual may purchase up to four (4) Burial Rights Lots and a couple may purchase up to eight (8) Burial Rights Lots (Section IV, Paragraph 5 of the Cemetery Rules and Regulations).

*In US funds


Same as member pricing after payment of $1,200 donation for up to 4 lots.