A Reading for Tachlich: Casting our Sins

A Reading for Tachlich: Casting our Sins
As We Stand By the Water
By: Susan Bauchner

As we stand by the water

I stand by the river, bread in hand

ready to cast away my failures and shortcomings,

And I ask:


Have I taken care of myself this year?

Have I been kind and gentle, loving and forgiving to myself?


Have I nurtured myself body, mind and soul?

Have I lived joyfully? Did I remember to sing and dance?


Have I been kind to others?

Did I speak gently and truthfully?


Was I generous with my time and attention?

Did I offer food, did I give tsedakah?


Standing in this beautiful spot, I ask

Have I taken steps to preserve our earth’s beauty?


What did I do that I regret?

What did I not do that I regret?


We have asked ourselves these questions.

Now we toss our bread, asking forgiveness

and, above all, forgiving ourselves

and vowing to do better next year.


I wish you all Shanah Tovah.

May we all be inscribed for a good year.


Now, let us now follow our New Year’s tradition of Taschlich

and toss our bread into the water.