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Annual Dues & Benefactor Appeal

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My Dear Friends,

Once again, I am pleased to report that this past year has been most exciting as we experience the increased vibrancy as a result of our efforts to grow and develop our Jewish community.  Our Rabbi David has provided inspiring religious leadership, our Chesed caring community has supported so many people in need, our tikkun olam committee has made a difference in our surrounding community, our programming has been rich with educational and social events that have provided continuous learning and opportunities to have fun, to grow friendships, to build community. Our religious school has grown beyond our expectations, from 8 to 35 new students, with additional faculty and family programming and curriculum development. We added 35 new families and over the past two years combined over 50 new families. Our culture is warm and caring and inclusive. We have exciting plans for the coming year on many fronts: religious, social, educational, communal experiences.

For the coming summer, in preparation for this fall, for example, we will be adding more classes and faculty to our religious school.  We have exciting programming such as the Consul General of Israel visiting us on August. We are introducing a new intimate community ‘dine-around’ experience offering an opportunity to develop new friendships and come together as a community on July 30. And the entire year will continue to be a growing and developmental journey for all of us.

The invoice for the coming year is enclosed, and the increase is needed to support our operations, expanded programming, increased administrative support for our growth, and the maintenance of our facilities and custodial services as the usage of our building is increasing dramatically. This year, we are introducing a semi-annual payment option for those that would benefit from breaking out their dues payment into two installments.

As in past years, those of you who have been able to support our Benefactor Campaign allow us to open our doors to all families, especially those in need.  We have several families under financial pressure and we want to be there for them. Finally, your generosity insures that our religious school is properly staffed and able to support many young families who aren’t able to pay both membership dues and enrollment tuitions.  Needless to say, the impact our rabbi and teachers are having on these children is very special.

It is common in religious organizations for dues to not adequately cover operating expenses, and that gap is typically addressed with both the generosity of donors in the annual fund and benefactor-type campaigns, along with the role an endowment plays. We are no different (except we do not yet have an endowment). Our dues only cover a portion of our operating expenses. The rest is supported by the generosity of so many donors, small and large.

You have my continuing commitment to work hard on your behalf. It is most humbling and inspiring to be able to have a small role in securing our future. It is truly an honor and a pleasure and I thank you for that opportunity.


Ron Feinstein

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