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The Jewish Community of Greater Stowe provides a religious and cultural center for Jewish life in Central Vermont, and our Olam Chesed Educational Center is at the heart of that life. Here, children from the Mad River Valley, Morristown, Hyde Park, Stowe, and beyond join to form a young Jewish community. They learn Hebrew and are immersed in the traditions, history, and rituals that will inform their Jewish identities for their whole lives. They have friends here that they see especially at JCOGS, and those friendships grow over the years. Our students are one of a few (or only) Jewish students in their respective public schools. For some of our students, JCOGS is the only place they interact with other Jewish children or adults outside of their families. Each Wednesday, JCOGS bursts with song, Hebrew, prayer, and smiles as our children pour in from around the region.

We welcome your support of our Jewish education work. Your donation will go towards educator salaries, programming, and supplies as we work to build Jewish identities in the next generation.